DYNAMIX - A 2 Steps European Training To Develop Youth And Social Workers’ Ability

Since its creation, our association, Via Brachy, is dealing with group dynamics and cooperation issues. We believe that living and working together offers to whoever experiences it an opportunity to grow as a person and at the same time to do things he/she would never have been able to do alone.

But understanding each other, getting together, or setting up and sustaining a collective project are not easy jobs! As persons or as organizations, we often failed in our attempt to make it happen.
Why? Probably because we are used to compete with each other, to impose our point of view, to talk without really listening to the others, to lead a project our way or to follow a charismatic person. Most of us were not taught how to communicate with the others, and most of the time we don’t know how to deal with conflicts when they occur.
This leads to the harmful divisions of lovely groups, to the collapse of brilliant projects, and eventually to the feeling that living and/or working together is a nice utopia that doesn’t fit reality.
Hopefully, all around us, pioneers shows that there might be ways to reach this dream of us. They offer us models and concepts to better understand group dynamics and develop methods and tools to better communicate, collectively design projects, debate, take decision together, prevent tensions and resolve conflicts.
The “DYNAMIX” training course is designed in order to share some of this emerging knowledge. It aims at developing participants’ ability to set up and sustain positive group dynamics and to deal with conflicts.
The training will be held in 2 steps: - the first from the 4th to the 10th of October to better understand group dynamics; - the second from November, the 29th to December, the 5th to address conflicts’ prevention and resolution.
Both steps will take place in Gaillac (Occitanie), South-West France and will gather 30 youth and social workers and people involved in collective projects coming from 6 countries.
For 7 days each time, participants will exchange their experience and put into practice the methods and tools they will be introduced to by skilled trainers. They will work on practical issues and experiment a variety of approaches. They will also experiment community living and will thus have the opportunity to implement what they will learn in situ while getting to know each other better.
The training will eventually be an opportunity to create/strengthen links between the participants and the organizations they belong to, which will hopefully leads to future cooperation.

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